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How To Get Your Sassa One Time Pin (OTP) in 2024?

Have you completed your application for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant of R350 for 2024? In order to complete the application, you must obtain your SASSA OTP code. You should, therefore, be able to generate the OTP code when filling out the forms and when you reach the point when it is required.

South Africans, asylum seekers, the unemployed, and special permit seekers between the ages of 18 and 60 are eligible for COVID-19 SRD grants of R350 per month for six months from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). Due to the high number of applicants, SASSA generated a one-time SASSA PIN for security reasons. SASSA generates this PIN digitally for everyone who applies to verify their account ownership.

Understanding SASSA OTP Code

How To Get Your Sassa One Time Pin

What does the SASSA OTP code mean? Digitally generated Sassa Pins are provided to all SASSA applicants. Each client can be verified using a unique mobile number and email address.

South African Social Security Agency pins must match exactly what the applicant enters. SASSA requires beneficiaries to confirm their SASSA status pin correctly and without errors. Ensure all entities are arranged alphabetically, capitalized, and in alphabetical order.

An OTP number is sent by SASSA, which must be resent to the SASSA office after the client provides their 10-digit mobile number.

What is the Sassa OTP code for

There is a system in place at SASSA to safeguard client information. A provision of SASSA allows for changes in personal data, residency information, and bank account information over time.

SASSA offers applicants the option of updating their information whenever necessary. Payment channels can be changed, applications can be reconsidered, and applications can be canceled by beneficiaries. Their bank details can also be updated whenever necessary.

SASSA will send you an OTP if your application needs to be updated. By confirming that the original account owner made the request, cybercriminals are deterred.

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When does SASSA send OTP?

You will never receive an OTP unless you request it from SASSA. It may, however, happen that the beneficiaries receive more than one OTP without the company’s intervention. Applicants may be concerned about this, but they shouldn’t be. The multiple OTPs they receive without requesting them may be caused by a glitch in the system.

Applicants should keep in mind, though, that OTPs may not always reflect system inefficiency, but rather an attempt to access their SASSA SRD grant account by an unauthorized individual. 

As a result, they must react quickly and smartly if an unwelcome situation arises. Delete and do not share the unsolicited OTPs as soon as possible. Using this method, one can protect themselves against online fraud and looting.

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How To Get Your Sassa One Time Pin (OTP)

Obtaining your SRD SASSA OTP code from the agency is much easier than getting it from a third party. Getting an OTP is as simple as following these steps:

  • Firstly, save SASSA’s WhatsApp number: 082 046 8553 on your phone.
  •  Say hi to the other side in the second step.
  • In the third step, reply ‘Help’ when you receive a response.
  • Next, SASSA “4” needs to be sent.
  • You now have several options to choose from.
  • Please reply to the agency with “SASSA OTP”.
  • SASSA requires the reference number you received at the beginning in order to process your application.
  • It would be helpful if you could provide them with your reference number. Every client receives a reference number. 
  • Follow all the prompts to retrieve your OTP.

How To Get Your Sassa One Time Pin (OTP) Through the SRD website 

  • The following steps should be followed if you are applying online: 
  • Visit the official SRD website; 
  • Your mobile number and identification information will be requested on the website; 
  • Once it has been entered correctly, click the “Send SMS” button, and wait for a response; 
  • You will receive your six-digit OTP at the phone number you provided. 

Once you receive your OTP, your grant application can be processed. Contact SASSA via WhatsApp, email, or website if you are having trouble accessing the pin. As soon as the agency receives your message, it will assist you in resolving the issue. You can contact SASSA by calling 080060 10 11 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Once you have your SASSA OTP, you can paste it where it was originally required. In order to ensure that SASSA’s Social Relief of Distress funds belong to the rightful account holder, agencies use OTPs. For the purpose of protecting your personal information, SASSA has adopted this policy of OTPs. This ensures that the funds are sent to the original owner, as well as that the funds are received by him. 

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How to use OTP code for Sassa


The following steps explain how to use an OTP code for SASSA (South African Social Security Agency):

  1. Click on the “My SASSA” tab on the SASSA website.
  2. Click “Log in” after entering your login credentials (username and password).
  3. Once logged in, click the “Update Details” tab.
  4. Enter your registered cellphone number and click “Request an OTP code”.
  5. By SMS, you will receive an OTP code on your registered cellphone number.
  6. On the website, enter the OTP code.
  7. You will be able to update your details once the OTP code has been verified.

Make sure your SASSA details are up-to-date if you wish to continue receiving social security benefits.

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How Long Does It Take To Get SASSA R350 One-Time Pin?

To verify that the mobile phone number or email address provided by applicants or registrants is valid, they may be required to enter this OTP code anywhere.

It may take a few days for SASSA to issue the one-time pin (OTP) for the R350 social grant. Since the OTP is typically transmitted via SMS, there may be a delay in delivering the SMS to the recipient’s cell phone.

Despite the holdups, they should not last for more than a day. Due to a technicality, the OTP does not reach the applicant’s phone number immediately. It is unlikely that OTP will be delayed several days, but it could be delayed a few hours in certain circumstances.

How does the SASSA OTP code work?

OTP codes will be sent to beneficiaries when they receive SASSA payment notifications. A code will be sent to the beneficiary’s mobile phone number or email address. In order to access their payment, beneficiaries must enter an OTP code on the SASSA website or at an ATM.

OTP codes expire after a specific period of time. If the beneficiary does not use the OTP code within the allotted time frame, he or she must request a new one.

Why is the SASSA OTP code important?

SASSA OTP codes are important for adding an additional layer of security to payment systems. Due to the fact that this code can only be accessed by the beneficiary, fraud and identity theft are reduced. OTP codes are used to verify beneficiaries’ identities and ensure payments are made to the right recipients.

Can You Complete SASSA R350 Application Without OTP?

Applicants who are unfamiliar with SASSA may be unsure whether they can complete the application without OTP. To confirm that you have a valid mobile number or access to your mobile phone, you need to enter your OTP when accessing the SASSA applicant grant. 

All of these R350 applications have been approved without an OTP from SASSA. This time around, the application process can be a little different and tiresome. OTPs (one-time pins) are not required for some SASSA R350 applications. However, the steps may vary based on the request and the details needed.

In the absence of an OTP, SASSA-approved third parties, such as social workers or community leaders, can assist you in completing the SASSA R350 application.

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Sassa OTP Code Withdrawal


A one-time PIN (OTP) must be received from Sassa before funds can be withdrawn from the SRD grant. Beneficiaries are advised to enter the correct details when applying for the grant since the OTP will be sent to the registered cellphone number.


Why was the SASSA OTP code introduced?

SASSA OTP codes are designed to increase security and reduce fraud and identity theft risks. By limiting access to the payment to the beneficiary, it reduces the probability of unauthorized access.

What happens if a beneficiary does not receive their OTP code?

If the beneficiary does not receive the OTP code, check that their registered mobile number or email address is current. If the information is correct, they should contact SASSA’s helpline for assistance.

Is the SASSA OTP code mandatory?

SASSA OTP codes are required for all SASSA beneficiaries. Security is ensured by restricting access to payments to the beneficiary with the code.


Ultimately, SASSA OTP codes enhance the security of South African Social Security Agency beneficiaries. OTP codes ensure that only authorized individuals can access and modify sensitive financial and personal information by adding an extra layer of authentication.

With the advancement of technology, OTP systems will likely become even more sophisticated, providing an enhanced level of security for online interactions.

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